CarLog on GooglePlay!

Android app on Google Play

Car Log is a small app to log and keep track of the fuel consumption of the personal "car fleet".

It allows the tracking of multiple cars and is able to provide statistics about the mileage, average fuel-consumption and total fuel-consumption.

Depending on the user's selection, the app will present this data in numerical form or through pie-, bar- and line-charts.

For more Information, see the CarLog-Page.

Happy Pi-Day

Happy pi-day everyone!

What’s the *feep* is that?

It’s March 14th – or 3/14 in the English date-format. And that, as the mathematically aware among you will notice, are the first digits of the number “pi”, which is 3.14159265359… (it’s an irrational number as you know, so I can’t write a complete mantissa.)


I have published a new app, called "RoleDice", on last thursday. It's available through GooglePlay, as usual, and it's a virtual dice-roller for you smartphone or tablet.

New Tutorial available: "Printing via Network"

"Printing via Network" is a new tutorial I have just published on my website It deals with a problem that bugged me for a long time: simple, shared printing in a heterogeneous network that just works.

When I bought my last printer, I had a choice to make: should I buy a networked printer, or one with a USB-connection?

New Version (1.2) of CarLog released!

I have just uploaded a new release of my Android App CarLog on GooglePlay.

It will probably take some time, until version 1.2 will be available throughout GooglePlay, so please be patient, if the currently available version should still be 1.0.2, the update will be there for you shortly.

My favorite quotes - No. 16

Sadly, yes:

Every absurdity has a champion who will defend it.

Server Downtime

The server is now back online after giving me slight trouble on Friday night. I want to apologize for the server-downtime and for any inconvenience it may have caused, but it should be fixed now.

I used the downtime to perform some overdue updates on several packages and the operating system itself.

Everything is back to normal operations now.

Some revelation about "problems"...

Not a quote, but something we all have to learn sooner or later:

Problems don't disappear by ignorance. They tactically withdraw, regroup and return with multiple strength.


As can be obviously seen, I have changed the design/theme of this website.

After a couple of years with that red-on-black design, I thought it was about time for a change. This design has a lighter feel than the old black-backgrounded one, but is still dark enough that I can look at it myself without getting my eyes burned out. (Which is usually the case with websites that have a white or similarly light background-color).

I hope you like it :)

My favorite quotes - No. 15

Yes, I noticed that a long time ago...

"There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works."

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