CarLog on GooglePlay!

Android app on Google Play

Car Log is a small app to log and keep track of the fuel consumption of the personal "car fleet".

It allows the tracking of multiple cars and is able to provide statistics about the mileage, average fuel-consumption and total fuel-consumption.

Depending on the user's selection, the app will present this data in numerical form or through pie-, bar- and line-charts.

For more Information, see the CarLog-Page.


I have published a new app, called "RoleDice", on last thursday. It's available through GooglePlay, as usual, and it's a virtual dice-roller for you smartphone or tablet.

New Version (1.2) of CarLog released!

I have just uploaded a new release of my Android App CarLog on GooglePlay.

It will probably take some time, until version 1.2 will be available throughout GooglePlay, so please be patient, if the currently available version should still be 1.0.2, the update will be there for you shortly.

New Renderings in WIP-Gallery

I am writing a small App for Android, called "RoleDice", which is a virtual dice-roller. It can "throw" an arbitrary number of arbitrary-sided dice, and has support for a few pen & paper roleplaying-systems, current Shadowrun and The Dark Eye (DSA).

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